We invest heavily in research and development to produce a wide range of pharmaceuticals and consumer health products to improve health and wellbeing, with new products continually in the pipeline. The product portfolio covers prescription and over-the-counter medicines which meet the highest international standards and requirements.

Pharmaceuticals: We produce branded and generic products as required, licenced medicines, Rx and OTC, in the following areas of: rheumatology, infectious diseases, neurology, gastroenterology, ear-nose-throat, coughs and colds, metabolism, allergy/immunology, urology, joint care, fertility, psychiatry, dentistry and the GP segment.

Consumer health products: Dietary food supplements for medical purposes, food supplements for general health and wellbeing and medical devices.

We have a significant presence in the Central and Eastern European region, mainly in the Hungarian and Serbian markets where we have a well-established sales and marketing network.

Manufacturing of Consumer Health Products

In the area of manufacturing, we are continuously expanding. Producing a wide range of consumer health products using the most modern and advanced technologies, and in compliance with the highest official requirements and regulation. We focus on quality design and assurance, with safety and control of the utmost importance.

In addition to production, we also produce and manage the packaging of consumer health products for our wholesale partners.