Cartinorm®+ BIOcollagen

Cartinorm + BIOcollagen

You’ve probably heard of collagen before. But do you know what it really is? Why it’s so important and what its role is in our organism?

Cartilage regeneration is the process where cartilage is repaired and new cartilage is made. The Fortigel bioactive collagen peptides in Cartinorm®+BIOcollagen perform direct stimulation of chondrocytes and leads to cartilage regeneration. Looking after your cartilage prevents further problems arising in the future.




Cartilage regeneration

Cartilage regeneration is an attempt to restore damaged cartilage to better health by the use of Fortigel® and collagen peptides that are from collagen (a key protein) which provide elasticity, stimulate the synthesis of cartilage tissue and regeneration of connective tissues.


Improves mobility and physical performance

Those with osteoarthritis and joint problems can benefit from using Cartinorm®+BIOcollagen as joints that are affected by cartilage damage become painful, stiff, and have a limited range of motion over a period of time. The benefits can be achieved through collagen regeneration stimulated by Vitamin C, which contributes to the healthy functioning of bones, joints and muscles. In return your muscles will be capable of working well without you feeling strain and cramping. 

Collagen peptides protect the cartilage, as well as cushioning and lubricating the joints to reduce any inflammation that may be induced through strenuous exercise. Therefore, allowing you to hold less boundaries with your exercise and physical performance. 


Maintaining joint health

The Fortigel® bioactive collagen peptides are able to treat the actual cause of your joint pain or disease rather than only masking the symptoms related with the problem. Cartilage health is preserved thanks to the high doses of glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, resulting in healthy joints or preventing the further progression of disease in individuals with present osteoarthritis.



Why Cartinorm® + BIOcollagen?

Our supplement contains ‎‎Fortigel‎‎®‎‎ ‎bioactive collagen peptides as opposed to ordinary hydrolysed collagen type II- which only gives a building element, instead our fortigel collagen peptides perform direct stimulation of chondrocytes and leads to cartilage regeneration.